Let’s Start ‘Em Young

As educators, we believe that giving your children an early start is the key to making them aware of the wonderful possibilities that the school environment offers. Once their impressionable minds become receptive to this idea, true learning begins.

At Open Hearts Learning Center in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, we follow a creative curriculum-based educational program. We offer a pre-kindergarten program (for four to five-year-old kids) and before-and-after care services (for Kindergarten to six grade).

Essential Incentives

  • Free Tutoring
  • Life Skills
  • Summer Club

  • Mentoring
  • Team Building Activities
  • Educational Field trips 

For Your Convenience

We’d like to make it as easy as possible for you to make your child’s early learning experiences stress-free for you and your child. At our center, we provide kids with breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Transportation to and from school is also made available to your children on every school day.


Rachel and Dominique have cared for all three of my children. Each woman offers a distinctive asset to childcare. Rachel has a unique combination of comfort and affection with fun and playfulness. No one can console a child better and quickly turn their tears into laughter. I was never concerned leaving a crying child in her care because I knew she would have them giggling in not time. Dominique sets up a structured, safe environment where kids feel comfortable to explore and learn. She has been a pivotal part in teaching our small children proper behavior, kindness to others and the fundamentals of education. I cannot recommend them enough. I am excited to see their business grow due to their strong work ethic and genuine care for children.

Kind Regards!

Emily (Adeline, Abram and Isaac's mom)

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To learn more about the learning experiences that await your child at our center, please set up a meeting with us. We’d be delighted to let you know about how our program works.

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